Gear Review: Soloman’s 3D Ultra 2 Trail Runners



My Soloman 3D Ultra 2 GTX on the hike to Mt. Washington! Click on this picture or the link below to read my review!

Check out my review of my favorite trail runner’s Soloman’s 3D Ultra 2 on! These shoes brought me from Georgia to Maine (sure I had to replace them a couple times) but a thru-hiker couldn’t ask for any better, especially since Soloman has a great replacement policy!


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3 responses to “Gear Review: Soloman’s 3D Ultra 2 Trail Runners

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  2. Wendy

    About how many miles a day can I plan on waliking a day ? This is my first time, I walk several miles a day trying to get prepared.

    • Madison Dragna

      Are you planning on a thru-hike? It will vary on the terrain, weather, and your body. Some days we didn’t hike at all while other days we hiked up to 30 miles. We started out hiking 10-12 miles in the beginning and then worked our way up to bigger miles. Once the terrain got really tough, we were back to 10 mile days again. The best thing to do is listen to your body. Don’t over push too much in the beginning.

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